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2014-2015 School Year
Posted on 08/30/2014

Check back for periodic updates from Mr. D.

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Graduation Information
Posted on 05/29/2014

I have attached the graduation information for Saturday, May 31st. Call time is no later than 9:00am as some roads will be closed.  Please plan on traffic!  Make sure to bring your music and a music stand.  You may use one from the band room if you do not own one. Please wear all black. The graduation begins at 10:00am and will roughly be two hours. The band plays the march out music.  Expect band members ready to be picked up at about 12:30pm. I suggest in establishing a meeting point after the ceremony so that you can get picked up and leave quickly.

UCF VIP Parking 2014




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Officer Position Application Form
Posted on 05/23/2014

The students who are interested in applying for an officer position must fill out the application.  It can be found on the podium. Read it carefully and answer truthfully. It is due to Mr. Davenport on Tuesday May 27 by 5th period. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Mr. D
Applcation- Updated 2014

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5/19/2014 Update from Mr. D.
Posted on 05/19/2014

Good evening Band,

Tomorrow is the final concert of the year! I am looking forward to sharing an evening of music and celebrating the year together. The concert begins at 6:30pm with a reception and awards following in the cafeteria. Tickets are $5 and will be sold at the door.  Students, call time is 5:30pm dressed in all black. Look professional!

On Wednesday, May 28th at 6:30pm we will have a meeting discussing next year’s marching season and go over a dates and what is required for band camp.  This is a required meeting for all new and returning members.  We will meet in the band room.

Saturday, May 31 is graduation. The band will once again play for this event. Because this takes place on a Saturday we are meeting at the UCF Arena. I am waiting more information concerning the drop off and pick up location.  Once I know these details I will pass them on to you. If you are not graduating you are playing with the band. Make plans accordingly for this day. Call time is 9:00am and we will be done by 12:30pm. The ceremony begins at 10am. Dress for this will be all black.

I hope to see all of you and guests tomorrow evening! It has been a great year and I know that tomorrow night will be one to remember!


Mr. D

May 20th — 6:30pm — Concert/Banquet

May 28th — 6:30pm — next year band meeting

May 31st — 9:00am — Graduation ceremony at UCF Arena — transportation on your own

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