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Band Update 10/31/14
Posted on 10/31/2014

I know that everyone has been awaiting the decision for the band to go to State this year.  Thank you for your patience while we punched numbers. After much deliberation, Mr. Futrell and myself have decided that  We WILL be going to State. I believe in the students and I believe in the show that we have. I am always amazed at the level that we can perform and how much the students achieve in just a few short days.  More info on the trip to State will come.  Right now the important things to mark down for Nov. 22 is that it is going to be an early morning 5:00 – 5:30 am (could be earlier) call time.  We can return anywhere from 5:30pm to 1:00am.  This depends on if we will make finals and have the opportunity to play inside the Tropicana Dome. I highly encourage you to attend the show as some of the best bands in the state of Florida will be there competing.


Mr. D

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Band Update 10/30/14
Posted on 10/30/2014

Last weekend was a great success for this band.  The students had the best run of the year so far.  It was a pleasure sitting in the stands and watching them perform.  I hope that many of you were able to come and see them as well.

This week we have a home football game and the Marching Music Performance Assessment at University High School. We still have spots available for volunteering at the football game.  Remember that you need to be additions approved to be able to chaperone.  Call time for Friday is 5:00pm.

Call time for Saturday is 12:00pm. Eat before you arrive.  We will leave ERHS by 1:30pm to arrive at University High by 2:00pm.  This will allow us time to unload the trucks, stretch and go into warm up.  Below is the schedule for the show.  Admission will be $10.00 for adults, $25 for a family of three or more, and children 7 and under are free. Middle school students wearing their current or immediately year’s past band shirt will also be admitted free.

Time Band
3:00 Lake Highland
3:15 Oakridge H.S
3:30 Jones
3:45 Colonial
4:00 East River
4:15 Olympia
4:30 Cypress Creek
4:45 Freedom
5:00 Winter Park H.S.
5:15 Ocoee H.s
5:30 Timber Creek
5:45 Dinner Break
6:45 First Academy
7:00 Edgewater H.S.
7:15 Wekiva
7:30 Evans
7:45 Lake Nona
8:00 Boone
8:15 University
8:30 Apopka
8:45 Dr. Phillips
9:00 West Orange

I am looking forward to Saturday as I know the students are going to put on another great show!


Mr. D

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Band Update 10/23/14
Posted on 10/24/2014

Good evening band,

Today was a great day of rehearsal and we have reached a new level in performance.  I am proud of the progress of the show and I hope that you will see and hear a difference Saturday.  The schedule for Saturday is as follows:
Call time:  11:30am
 We will rehearse until 2:30pm
2:30 – 4:00pm: Load trucks, eat, relax and get dressed (Make sure to bring food to eat)
4:00pm leave for Timber Creek
10:00pm: Return to East River
Please read below to see the entire show schedule.
Festival admission prices will be:
$12.00             Adults
$8.00               Students (K-12)
Free                 Children under 5 (accompanied by an adult)
OCPS employees and employees of participating schools (with proper ID)
Thank you for all your support!
Mr. D
Show Schedule
2014 Timber Creek Marching Arts Festival – Field Show Schedule
Ensemble Class Visual Warm-Up Move Music Warm-Up Move Perform
1 South Sumter 1A 3:00 A 3:45 3:55 A 4:40 5:00
2 Northeast 2A 3:20 B 4:05 4:15 B 5:00 5:20
3 St. Cloud 2A 3:40 C 4:25 4:35 C 5:20 5:40
       4 Oak Ridge 2A 4:00 A 4:45 4:55 A 5:40 6:00
Dinner Break – 70 minutes 6:20
5 East River 4A 5:30 B 6:15 6:25 B 7:10 7:30
6 Cypress Bay 4A 5:50 C 6:35 6:45 C 7:30 7:50
7 Cypress Creek 5A 6:10 A 6:55 7:05 A 7:50 8:10
8 Eau Gallie 5A 6:30 B 7:05 7:25 B 8:10 8:30
9 Timber Creek EX 9:00
Drum Major Retreat and Awards Ceremony 9:30
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Band Update Oct 17, 2014
Posted on 10/17/2014

Hello everyone,

    Happy Friday! I hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to send out a quick email in reference to the online payment option. A number of people have used it and are loving it, so I just wanted to send the information for it again in case you have not had a chance to try it.
You will set up an account with a user name and password, select East River High School from the list of schools, and then select your child’s name when prompted to enter a student name.
Once you are logged in, you will see a list of items to pay for. Don’t worry, they are not all for you. Any organization in the school that is using this system will show up. We have the following categories
-Band Performance Package (shirts, shorts)
- Band Performance shoes
- Marching band fee (when you click on description, you will see most items can be paid in the category)
- Instrument Rental (this is only for students using a school horn)
The great thing about this is that any friends and/or family from out of town who want to help can easily do that by going to this website.
If you have any questions at all about this, please don’t hesitate to ask!
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